Virgin Media, Masters of Entertainment

  • Agency BBH;
  • Production Company Rattling Stick;
  • Director Traktor;

BBH, Traktor and MPC Show That Kids Know Best for Virgin Media 

'Masters of Entertainment' is the latest campaign for Virgin Media, directed by Rattling Stick’s Traktor and conceived by BBH. The film features six children portrayed as being more powerful than their parents due  to their natural understanding of technology. 


  • Agency BBH
  • Production Company Rattling Stick
  • Director Traktor
  • Creative Directors Tom Drew & Uche Ezugwu
  • Agency TV Producer Georgina Kent
  • Agency Assistant Producer Sarah Finnigan-Walsh
  • Production Company Executive Producer Richard Ulfvengren
  • Production Company Producer Ben Roberts
  • DoP Tim Maurice-Jones
  • Editors Rick Russell & Claire McGonigal
  • VFX Producer Sophie Hogg
  • VFX Supervisor 2D Kamen Markov
  • VFX Team Fabrizio Ghiso, Jonathan Box, Adam Leary, Andy Steele, Mattias Lullini, Mike Little, Stephan Haidacher, Stuart Turnbull, Alexis Williams, P N Arunkumar, S. Sundaramoorthy, Sugumar S, Anbarasu E, Sourodeep Dey, Kajal Pandya, Manu Gopalakrishnan, Muruganatham T, Praveenkumar Samiraj & Stalin Balan
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist Jean-Clément Soret

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