Sveriges Radio, Defining Moments

  • Agency CP+B Stockholm;
  • Production Company INDIO;
  • Director Philippe Tempelman;

James Tillett grades stunning short film celebrating Radio Sweden's 90th anniversary

Created out of CP+B Stockholm and directed by INDIO's Philippe Tempelman, this short film for Radio Sweden was made to commemorate the 90th anniversary of Sweden's public radio broadcaster, Sveriges Radio. The spot is designed to recreate the 'defining moment' in which some of Sweden's acclaimed musicans heard themselves on the radio for the first time.

James set out to compliment the timeless cinematic look of the film. He said of the grade: “The film was beautifully shot and a pleasure to grade. The aim was to enhance the richness and filmic quality present in the images and we were happy for it to go dark and moody. The film takes the viewer through different times in history and so we sought to subtly enhance that with slight variances in tone and color throughout different scenes.”


  • Agency CP+B Stockholm
  • Production Company INDIO
  • Director Philippe Tempelman
  • Director of Photography Pat Scola
  • Production Company Executive Producer Johan Lindström
  • Production Company Producer Hampus Gunnarsson
  • Agency Creative Team Henrik Dufke & Felipe Montt
  • VFX Bläck Studios
  • Grade MPC NY
  • Colorist James Tillett
  • Color Grade Producers Adina Birnbaum & Adrienne McNeary
  • Editor Paul Hardcastle @ Trim & Fredrik Åkerström
  • Sound Design Red Pipe

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