Samsung, Project Hero: Dreams Are Awesome

  • Agency Wieden+Kennedy;
  • Production Company Smuggler;
  • Director Adam Berg;

W+K & MPC LA Imagine What Dreams Look Like with Help from The Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge with Gear VR

In Samsung’s "Dreams Are Awesome,” a young girl escapes the monotony of a bus ride as her dreams come to life with the help of her imagination and the Galaxy S7 Edge with Gear VR. Wieden + Kennedy Portland and multi award-winning director Adam Berg turned to long-time creative collaborator MPC LA to help bring the commercial to life. MPC’s team was led by creative director Paul O’Shea, with the color grade by Mark Gethin.


  • Agency Wieden+Kennedy
  • Production Company Smuggler
  • Director Adam Berg
  • DoP Joost van Gelder
  • 1st Assistant Director Jimmy LaRocca
  • Agency Creative Directors Jason Bagley & Craig Allen
  • Agency Copywriter Derek Szynal
  • Agency Art Director Brandon Mugar
  • Agency Executive Producer Erika Madison
  • Agency Producer Kevin Diller
  • Production Company Partners Patrick Milling Smith & Brian Carmody
  • Production Company Executive Producer Drew Santarsiero
  • Production Company Head of Production Andrew Colón
  • Production Company Producer John Bick
  • VFX Executive Producers Elexis Stearn & Mike Wigart
  • VFX Producer Brian Friel
  • VFX Creative Director Paul O'Shea
  • VFX Supervisor Zach Tucker
  • VFX Team Ben Persons, Gizmo Rivera, Robert Moggach, Andrew Price, Brendon Echsner, George Saavedra, Jacob Patrick, Jessica Groom, Luis Rodriguez, Masahito Yoshioka, Matthew Burns, Matthew Maude, Michael Wynd, Nate Lapinski, Patrick Manning, Rodrigo Carrasco, Steward Burris, Tim Donlevy, Alan Sonneman, Jason Dunn, Roger Kupelian, Ted Abeyta, Christ West, Dylan Brown, Gustavo Bellon, Jim Spratling, Michael Gregory, Akshay Sunil Wadwalkar, D. Venkatesan, Elangovan Ganeshan, Ganesh Kumar S., Hemanth Anusuri, Jacob T. Oommen, Kunal Sarkar, Manoj Ravi, Maheswar Konda, Sravan Kumar, V Jegadeesan & Sindhuja B
  • Grade MPC LA
  • Color Executive Producer Meghan Lang
  • Color Associate Producer Rebecca Boorsma
  • Colorist Mark Gethin
  • Editorial Cosmo Street
  • Editor Paul Hardcastle
  • Editorial Executive Producer Yvette Sears
  • Editorial Producer Marie Mangahas
  • Editorial Assistant Editor Nellie Philips

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