Palace Skateboards, Reebok Classics

  • Production Company MPC Creative;
  • Directors Lev Tanju, Stuart Bentley & Stuart Hammond;
  • DoPs Albert Salas (NYC) & Stuart Bentley (LDN);

MPC Creative shoot Palace Skateboards Reebok Classics collaboration featuring Jonah Hill

MPC Creative have collaborated with directors Lev Tanju, Stuart Bentley and Stuart Hammond launching a new range of Palace Skateboard shoes in collaboration with iconic Reebok Classics.

The hilarious viral phenomenon features Jonah Hill, a big Palace Skateboards fan, in an absurd infomercial spoof.  Evidence would barely suggest Jonah was filmed in their store in Soho, London where he is a regular customer, talking knowledgeably about the brand and skateboarding, and demonstrating a clear rapport with staff members. 

You have to be super good to look this bad. 


  • Production Company MPC Creative
  • Directors Lev Tanju, Stuart Bentley & Stuart Hammond
  • DoPs Albert Salas (NYC) & Stuart Bentley (LDN)
  • Production Company Producers Richard Skinner & Johnny Blick
  • VFX Supervisor Mike Tyler
  • Offline Edit & Sound Design Ben Crook
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist Richard Fearon

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