Massive Attack, The Spoils (feat. Hope Sandoval)

  • Production Company Stink;
  • Director John Hillcoat;
  • Artist Massive Attack;

Mark Gethin Grades Director John Hillcoat’s Massive Attack video for “The Spoils”

A shapeshifting Cate Blanchett stars in the latest video “The Spoils” by Massive Attack. Blanchett transforms from flesh to pixels down to muscle and bone. The end result of her physical breakdown reduces her from a living person to a lifeless stone.

John Hillcoat, whose credits include films The Road, Triple 9, and music videos for Bob Dylan and Depeche Mode, directed the clip. MPC LA Creative Director/Colorist Mark Gethin graded the video, marking another memorable collaboration with Hillcoat.


  • Production Company Stink
  • Director John Hillcoat
  • Artist Massive Attack
  • DoP Matias Mesa
  • Production Company Producer Jonathan Pavesi
  • Grade MPC LA
  • Executive Producer, Color Meghan Lang
  • Color Producer Rebecca Boorsma
  • Colorist Mark Gethin

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