Marks & Spencer, Christmas Food

  • Agency RKCR/Y&R;
  • Director Stuart Rideout ;
  • Production Company RSA Films ;

MPC helps conjure delicious dishes for three sumptuous M&S Christmas food spots

The lead up to Christmas is fraught with tasty treats, and M&S’s exquisite food spots don't help when it comes to resisting temptation. The three 30” spots, ‘Christmas Dinner’, ‘Banquet’, and ‘Party Food’ will run on UK TV and online.

MPC worked with agency RKCR/Y&R and RSA Films Director Stuart Rideout to show off the appetizing wares in the most tantalising way possible.  Christmas fairies Magic & Sparkle were again brought in to wield their spells over empty dinner tables, transforming them into a smorgasbord fit for royalty.

3D matte paintings were developed for each of the opening sequences, along with CG snow elements created from scratch.

The VFX team generated the fairy magic using multiple customized particle systems, and the MPC Motion Design studio added additional sparkle and glitter references on the table.  Rather than adapting footage from the main Christmas campaign, the fairies were shot against green screen on part built sets, with their wings added and animated back at MPC.

Global Creative Director of Colour Grading Jean-Clément Soret completed the grade on the spots, adding highlights and shadows to ensure the food was presented at its mouth-watering best.


  • Agency RKCR/Y&R
  • Director Stuart Rideout
  • Production Company RSA Films
  • Creatives Pip Bishop & Chris Hodgkiss
  • Creative Director Mark Roalfe
  • Agency Producer Spru Rowland
  • Photographer Karen Thomas
  • Sound Design Wave
  • VFX Producer Dafydd Upsdell
  • VFX Supervisor Marcus Moffatt
  • 3D Supervisor Anthony Bloor
  • VFX Team Will MacNeil, Greg McNeally, Christiant Dalberto, Keith Ribbons, Matteo Morando, Adam Leary, Tom Robinson, Tim Civil, Tushar Kewlani, Gerard Dunleavy, Edward Christie, Daniel Cowley, William Lanham
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist Jean-Clément Soret

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