Lacoste, The Big Leap

  • Agency BETC Paris ;
  • Production Company Wanda;
  • Director Seb Edwards ;

MPC and BETC Paris construct a leap of faith for Lacoste

MPC and Director Seb Edwards combined their talents to produce Lacoste’s first advertising film, ‘The Big Leap’ through BETC Paris. The film is an epic love story and metaphorical plunge into the unknown, released to coincide with the opening of the Sochi Winter Olympics.

VFX Supervisor Dan Sanders said, “Seb is a serious filmmaker- his work is very stylish and this film is no exception. We worked together to create the feeling that our hero was embarking on a journey into the unknown. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.”

Matte paintings, CG and shot elements combine to create the dreamlike, moody environment on top of the skyscraper. MPC’s VFX team added smoke and mist, as well as altering the appearance of the sky as the protagonist takes his leap of faith. Extra buildings were also added to the wide shots and lighting conditions were modified.

The protagonist was shot attached to rigs and wires in studio. He was blasted with smoke and dry ice to give the effect of falling through the air and a lighting rig was attached for the strobing effect. MPC carried out extensive rig removal and greenscreen compositing.

Check out the before and after pictures in the thumbnails above. 


  • Agency BETC Paris
  • Production Company Wanda
  • Director Seb Edwards
  • Executive Creative Director Remi Babinet
  • Agency Producer David Green
  • Creative Director Antoine Choque
  • Creatives Gabrielle Attia & Damien Bellon
  • VFX Producer Sharuddin Rosunally
  • VFX Supervisor Dan Sanders
  • Shoot Supervisor Jim Radford
  • CG Supervisor Martin Blunden
  • VFX Team Jama Djurabaev, Adam Leary, Andrew Roberts, Christiant D'Alberto, Ryan Hadfield, Luca Maccarelli, Chris Petts, Jacob Oommen, Shashikant Kamal, Vikram Kumar Singh, Siva Kumar & Arun Kumar
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist Jean-Clément Soret
  • Colour Grade Producer Ellora Chowdhury

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