Kalenji, One Step, One Surface

  • Agency ROSAPARK;
  • Production Company SoLab Pictures ;
  • Director Ace Norton;

One Step, One Surface for Kalenji from ROSAPARK

Running footwear brand, Kalenji show the pleasures of running with total freedom through different landscapes in this new film, directed by Ace Norton through Solab.


  • Agency ROSAPARK
  • Production Company SoLab Pictures
  • Director Ace Norton
  • Executive Creative Director Mark Forgan
  • Creatives Maria Nehme & Maxime Fraudreau
  • TV Producers Lauriane Dula & Adélaïde Samani
  • Production Company Producer Edouard Chassaing
  • Editor Tianès Montasser
  • DoP Roscoe Vercueil
  • VFX MPC Paris
  • VFX Creative Director Franck Lambertz
  • VFX Executive Producer Quentin Martin
  • VFX Producer Sophie Lebreton
  • Producer (Bangalore) Deepanjali Singh
  • VFX Team Nicolas Martinez, Leslie E. Renaud & Eric Lemains
  • Grade MPC - Remote Grading
  • Colourist Ricky Gausis
  • Colour Grade Producer Meghan Lang

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