Just Eat, Balti

  • Agency The Red Brick Road;
  • Director TRAKTOR;
  • Agency Producer Rick Carter;

Just Eat needs a ‘Balti’- a tongue-in-cheek ad directed by TRAKTOR

The new ad puts a spicy twist on Bonnie Tyler’s 80’s classic ‘I Need a Hero’. Created by Red Brick Road and directed by TRAKTOR, the humorous spot sees a couple deciding on what takeaway food to order when the protagonist suddenly jumps up, rips his clothes off revealing an 80’s rock ’n’ roll outfit, long hair, air guitar and a giant bowl of curry amidst fiery flames.

MPC’s VFX team led by Kamen Markov worked closely with The Red Brick Road’s art department and long term collaborators TRAKTOR to ensure the practical elements in pre-production and the VFX would come together to create the crumbling effect of the walls.

The moving walls and breaking bricks effect were created by a combination of CG walls, debris and dust and practical elements including the bookshelves, television sets and books. The 2D team enhanced the in-camera footage by adding backgrounds to blue screen, rebuilding shots, creating hair growth transformation and the large flames on the over-sized bowl of Balti. Colourist George K completed the grade.


  • Agency The Red Brick Road
  • Director TRAKTOR
  • Agency Producer Rick Carter
  • Executive Creative Directors Matt Davis and Richard Megson
  • VFX Producer Anandi Peiris
  • VFX Supervisor Kamen Markov
  • VFX Team Byron Woofinden, Pavel Vičík, Fabian Fricke, Matthew Gifford, Dan Lorenzini, Fabio Santoro & Vinoth Kumar
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist George K

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