Johnsonville, Made the Johnsonville Way

  • Agency Droga5 NY;
  • Production Company Arts & Sciences;
  • Directors Adam & Dave ;

Client Taps Employees for Ideas in Droga5’s Ridiculously Funny “Made the Johnsonville Way” Campaign

Droga5 client Johnsonville, a family-owned sausage company, turned to their employees for ideas for a very entertaining new campaign called “Made the Johnsonville Way.” After paring down pitches from over 60 employees, Droga5 chose three and Arts & Sciences directors Adam & Dave brought the ideas to life in “Responsibilities,” “Regular Speed Chase” and “Jeff and His Forest Friends.” MPC LA and MPC NY pitched in for VFX and color grade.

“Responsibilities” sets up the premise of the campaign with employees spit balling ideas that include a “sausage meets car race.” This perfectly segues into the next commercial, “Regular Speed Chase,” where a Johnsonville truck is pursued by a gamut of hungry drivers that include fast cars, grannies on scooters and ice cream trucks. The hilariously absurd “Jeff and His Forest Friends” is a tale involving Jeff discussing sausages with quirkily good-natured anthropomorphic animals in the woods.

Andy Bates, MPC LA’s Lead 2D artist on the project, said, "The turn around was tight, but we were committed to packing these spots with all the action and entertainment the Johnsonville staff had envisioned. Knowing how excited the team was to see their ideas on the big screen really inspired us to push the limits of what we could achieve for them.

“Directors Adam & Dave and the whole team at Droga5 were a real pleasure to collaborate with in post. It's rare to have an agency be as brave and bold as the team at Droga5. They were always wanting to push the creative further and make the campaign something to really remember. The end result was well worth the effort.”


  • Agency Droga5 NY
  • Production Company Arts & Sciences
  • Directors Adam & Dave
  • DoP Toby Irwin
  • Agency Creative Chairman David Droga
  • Agency Chief Creative Officer Ted Royer
  • Agency Group Creative Director Scott Bell
  • Agency Senior Copywriter Chris Colliton
  • Agency Art Director Kevin Weir
  • Agency Junior Copywriter Gabe Sherman
  • Agency Junior Art Director Gabe Young
  • Agency Executive Design Director Rob Trostle
  • Agency Design Director Rich Greco
  • Agency Designer April Pascua
  • Agency Chief Creation Officer Sally-Ann Dale
  • Agency Head of Broadcast Production Ben Davies
  • Agency Executive Broadcast Producers Scott Chinn & Adam Perloff
  • Agency Global Chief Strategy Officer Jonny Bauer
  • Agency Group Strategy Director Aaron Wiggan
  • Agency Senior Strategist Marc Iserlis
  • Agency Project Manager Rayna Lucier
  • Production Company Executive Producer Marc Marrie
  • Production Company Producer Pat Harris
  • VFX Executive Producers Elexis Stearn & Camila De Biaggi
  • VFX Producers Nicole Saccardi & Bindy St. Leger
  • VFX Production Coordinator Valentina Cokonis
  • VFX Assistant Line Producer Neela Kumuda Parankusham
  • VFX 2D Lead Andy Bate
  • VFX Team Steven Miller, Mahendra Natha Reddy, Masahito Yoshioka, Ted Abeyta & Seif Boutella
  • Grade MPC LA
  • Executive Producer, Color Meghan Lang
  • Color Producer Rebecca Boorsma
  • Colorist Mark Gethin
  • Color Assist Kristopher Smale
  • Editorial MackCut
  • Editorial Executive Producer Sasha Hirschfeld
  • Editor Ryan Steele
  • Assistant Editor Maria Lee

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