H&M: Super Bowl, David Beckham Bodywear

  • Agency H&M redroom ;
  • Director Nicholas Winding Refn ;
  • Production Company Strange Cargo Film;

MPC and H&M redroom take David Beckham to new heights for latest H&M Campaign

Nicholas Winding Refn, acclaimed Director of ‘Drive’ was at the helm for H&M’s third David Beckham Bodywear Collection spot, featuring the superstar leaping over rooftops and scaling a zip wire after being locked out of his fashion shoot.

David insisted on performing all stunts in-camera, with no body double used in the final spot, meaning safety precautions were critical. MPC supervised the shoot, using tracking markers and filming precise details of David’s body to use later in the studio.

Shoot Supervisor Kamen Markov said, “Nicholas has a fascinating way of working. He has an understated, subtle style and watching the shots come together in the studio was like magic. We had a huge crew, and nets set up to block any prying eyes, but David was the ultimate professional throughout. 

He made our lives that much easier by electing to be the action hero without a double!”

MPC’s VFX team removed rigs and harnesses from the shots, using the references taken on set. Sky replacements were required for the majority of the outdoor shots and set extensions were needed on wide shots.

Director of Colour Grading Jean-Clément Soret continues a long line of collaborations with the H&M brand, adding his unique touch to the campaign. “This was a challenging project in terms of the colour grading. As expected the weather was not on the bright side, so close collaboration between the grading and VFX departments at MPC was key to heighten reality, while keeping the photography natural and believable. DP Philippe Le Sourd provided lovely material shot on Sony F65.”



  • Agency H&M redroom
  • Director Nicholas Winding Refn
  • Production Company Strange Cargo Film
  • Agency Producer Anna Granditsky
  • Agency Post Supervisor Anna Olsson
  • Creative Director Donald Schneider
  • Art Direction Suburbia
  • Production Company Producer Fran Thompson
  • DOP Philippe Le Sourd
  • Editor Paul Hardcastle @ Trim Editing
  • VFX Producer Sharuddin Rosunally
  • VFX Supervisor Hugo Saunders
  • Shoot Supervisor Kamen Markov
  • VFX Team Byron Woofinden, Christiant D'Alberto, Dan Cowley, Eri Adachi, Giles Hicks, Hugo Saunders, Ben Perrott, Grant White
  • Grade MPC
  • Colour Grade Producer Ellora Chowdury
  • Colourist Jean-Clément Soret

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