Facebook Surround 360

  • Agency The Factory at Facebook;
  • Production Company Smuggler;
  • Director Jaron Albertin;

Smuggler’s Jaron Albertin and MPC Create Facebook Surround 360 Film in New York’s Grand Central

Facebook recently introduced its Surround 360 camera, used to capture the story of experiential VR film ‘Here and Now.’ On a medium usually reserved for the more visceral and otherworldly, ‘Here and Now’ uses VR to do a remarkable job depicting ordinary moments as intimate, relatable hellos and goodbyes in New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The film cleverly makes the iconic transportation hub its main subject. Both ordinary and grand, ‘Here and Now’ perfectly illustrates Facebook’s brand message.

Directed by Smuggler’s Jaron Albertin, the shoot involved 20 principal actors and 500 extras choreographed in a single space for a single take.  Albertin was able to make the epic main concourse of Grand Central feel energized and buzzing. This was no easy feat in the dead of night. Facebook had only three 90-minute windows (between 2 – 4 a.m.) to shoot in over three days.

MPC worked closely with the Facebook engineering team and Smuggler production crew to push the boundaries of what is possible with the new Surround 360 camera. Using Facebook’s new software, MPC was able to control the stitching across the picture and add subtle CG elements to augment the scene, such as a flying pigeon that crosses the space to draw the viewer’s eye line. 

MPC VR Executive Producer Tim Dillon commented, “It was amazing to collaborate with the Facebook team and create one of the first films made with this new innovative camera system. The end result speaks for itself—it’s really great to push the bar on creating a clear and crisp 360 image for VR.”

Mike Wigart, Executive Producer of MPC Creative LA, added, “In one fell swoop, Brian Cabral and the Facebook team have drastically improved nearly every aspect of 360 video — from image acquisition to how we view it. It was an honor to take part in this big step forward for the medium."

The Surround 360 is a 17-camera array first revealed at Facebook’s F8 developers’ conference in April.

You can watch the 360 film on Facebook and it is also available on Oculus VR.


  • Agency The Factory at Facebook
  • Production Company Smuggler
  • Director Jaron Albertin
  • DoP Darren Lew
  • Agency VP Consumer and Brand Marketing Rebecca Van Dyck
  • Agency VP Executive Creative Director Scott Trattner
  • Agency Executive Producer Margaret McLaughlin
  • Agency Brand Marketing Managers Sarah Russell & Lindsay Russell
  • Agency Director of Marketing Communications Jennifer Henry
  • Agency Creative Directors Larry Corwin, Demian Oliveira & Cameron Ewing
  • Agency Engineering Director Brian Cabral
  • Agency Engineer Albert Parra Pozo
  • Agency Art Director Wilf Eddings
  • Agency Copywriter Luke Wicker
  • Agency Producers Mandi Holdorf & Cassie Gomrick
  • Agency Communications Planner Pavan Patidar
  • Production Company Executive Producer Allison Kunzman
  • Production Company Producer Erin Wile
  • Production Company VR EP & Head of Post Production (Vrse.works) Armando Kirwin
  • VFX Executive Producer - VR Tim Dillon
  • VFX Executive Producer - MPC Creative LA Mike Wigart
  • VFX Producer Colin Clarry
  • VFX VR Supervisor Jason Schugardt
  • VFX Team Janice Tso, Oliver Caiden, Dylan Brown, Stephanie Woo, Stephen Gall, Sandra Ross, Vivian Wei, Marlan Harris, Romel Pablo, Steve Miller, Lance Mabin, Weston Gaylord, Andrew Price, Ted Abeyta, Dve Lockwood, Rachel Choi, Todd Groves, Yuichiro Yamashita, Andy Davis, Lior Weiss, Chris Cortese, Joslin Job Mathew, Kenneth Lui, Mohanakrishnan C, Padma Priya, R Kumaresan, Sudheesh TV, Michael Gregory, Jacob Patrick, Luis Rodriguez, Vincent Blin, Hemalatha T, Likin Ganpathy CP, Prashanth Palaparthi, Sangeetha M & V Jegadeesan
  • Grade MPC LA
  • Color Assist Kristopher Smale
  • Editorial Spot Welders
  • Editorial Executive Producer Carolina Sanborn
  • Editor Ting Poo
  • Assistant Editor J.C. Nunez
  • Sound Design and Mix Mach 1 Studios
  • Sound Designer Zach Rice
  • Sound Design Executive Producer Guin Frehling
  • Title Design Buck Designs

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