F5 Trifecta Installation

  • Production Company MPC Creative;
  • Executive Producer Tim Dillon;
  • Senior Art Director Diana Park;

Trifecta (aka Ménage à Trios) is a tongue-in-cheek showcase of all things we heart at MPC NY. Displayed across three screens with a custom made interactive pillar for attendee interaction, the generative installation was conceived by MPC Creative and showcased at Motionographer's 2015 F5 Festival held in New York City.

Stemming from this year's festival theme of ‘Love,’ Trifecta comes from both a literal and visual representation of love. Minimalist animations - a blinking eye alongside an ice cream cone, a relaxed merman, hot dogs, glasses, a sprinkle doughnut - playfully display on the first and third screen, allowing the center interactive screen to be the focus.

The central screen displays a real-time particle system as the beating heart of the installation. As the guest presses the button, a series of particles swirl and reach a threshold, forming a heart that explodes in a celebration of confetti. Together, the three screens spell out “I love ___.”

F5 Festival celebrates the intersectionality of media, art, design, and technology. Held at Terminal 5, the event showcased an array of installations from minds and creatives across various industries. Learn more about F5 Festival here.


  • Production Company MPC Creative
  • Executive Producer Tim Dillon
  • Senior Art Director Diana Park
  • Developer Eric Renaud-Houde
  • Lead Designer/Animator Keliang Shan
  • Animator Ty Coyle
  • Design Assistant Carolyn Figel
  • Music Fall On Your Sword

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