Enterprise, One Giant Rollout

  • Agency The Big Tree/Cannonball Agency;
  • Production Company Tool;
  • Director Erich Joiner;

Actor Joel McHale Stars in Enterprise’s Comedic “One Giant Rollout” by Cannonball Agency

Funny-man Joel McHale plays a host of different characters behind the wheel in “One Giant Rollout,” directed by Erich Joiner of Tool.  The ad marks the launch of Enterprise’s new campaign debuting during the Olympics.

“One Giant Rollout” features a bearded McHale playing five different characters. First he’s driving an Enterprise box truck, when an SUV packed with his entourage emerges from the back of the truck. Each new vehicle reveals another—like a Russian doll reveal—including a share car filled with millennials, a minivan for the family and a convertible complete with a hot date in the passenger seat. 

MPC LA provided the seamless VFX of the cars rolling onto the road. Paul O’Shea, MPC Creative Director, says, “Erich collects cars and we shot 2 days of tests reversing vehicles off moving low loaders and jumping ramps. We shot the test in slow motion from multiple points of view on iPhones. We then cut these together and were able to study the compression and secondary movements in the vehicles.

“The shots and plates were planned carefully to maximize the best use of lighting. We created five CG cars and digital doubles for the passengers, then bounced and rocked Joel to make sure there was continuity in his movement when we cut from a CG shot of the cars dropping.”

The entertaining ad ends with a flirty McHale riding shotgun with an Enterprise employee.


  • Agency The Big Tree/Cannonball Agency
  • Production Company Tool
  • Director Erich Joiner
  • DP Matthias Koenigsweiser
  • Agency Chief Creative Officer Steve Hunt
  • Agency Creative Directors Matt Collins & Travis Ulmer
  • Agency Account Manager Lauren Steiner
  • Agency Broadcast Manager Mary Jarnagin
  • Agency Producers Larry Israel & Beth Martychenko
  • Production Company Managing Director/Live Action Oliver Fuselier
  • Production Company Line Producer Lindsay Skutch
  • Production Company Executive Producers Robert Helphand, Lori Stonebraker & Steven Gould
  • VFX Creative Director Paul O'Shea
  • VFX Head of 3D Koen Vroeijenstijn
  • VFX 2D Lead Andre Arevalo
  • VFX 3D Lead Tim Kafka
  • VFX Senior Producer Karen Anderson
  • VFX Producer Matt Olmon
  • VFX Team Brian Williams, Michael Gregory, Sandra Ross, Steward Burris, Jacob Patrick, Meghan Sesnie, Brendon Eichsner, Kyung Park, Masahito Yoshioka, Rodrigo Carrasco, Ryan Taylor, George Saavedra & Ted Abeyta

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