Coca-Cola, That's Gold

  • Agency Mccann Shanghai;
  • Production Company Cases Films;
  • Director Augusto de Fraga;

MPC Shanghai whips up huge CG crowds for Coca-Cola’s ‘That’s Gold’ campaign

MPC Shanghai created huge, highly realistic CG crowds for the recent Coca-Cola ‘That’s Gold’ campaign, released ahead of the coming Rio Olympics. 

Working once again with agency McCann Shanghai,  MPC Shanghai were briefed with populating three arenas with thousands of animated spectators, camera flashes and waving flags.  VFX supervisor Barry Greaves explains that he and the team relished the sizeable challenge and especially the opportunity to, “create something truly memorable… A 2-minute film in the Chinese market is rare.  One combining strong narrative that holds the viewers attention throughout is almost unheard of.” 

Greaves explains the working process, “We adapted MPC's bespoke crowd tool combining plates we shot on location to the shots within the edit across multiple platforms to create a seamless story, as well as a plethora of textures, graphic elements and stills which were used to populate and create an atmospheric stadium feeling across the three different venues.”

Greaves worked closely on set with director Augusto de Fraga. De Fraga particularly appreciated the “absolute camera liberty” that MPC allowed him, explaining, “it helped me a lot in order to shoot in a very instinctive way. I was looking for believable emotions and so, when working with non-actors, camera freedom is an important tool. That made a huge difference.”

McCann Shanghai CCO & Chairman, Tomaz Mok, extols another successful collaboration with MPC Shanghai, “We are very pleased with the great, meticulous care and detail given to this film. The stadium crowds look so authentic. It looks like live footage, not CG. It is just so beautifully done.” 

Coca Cola China’s head of creative excellence, Richard Cotton, was similarly delighted, "MPC were an absolute pleasure to work with on this project. Their expertise, and above all, passion, helped deliver a film that we are delighted with."




特效总监Barry Greaves和他的团队把握住了这次奥运盛会前的难得机会。“打造一部能给人留下深刻印象的影片……对于中国市场来说,还很少有2分钟的片子出现,尤其是这种故事性强,镜头画面感也很吸引人的片子。”

Barry 是这样描述他们在这部影片中的角色的:“我们利用了MPC的bespoke crowd工具,结合我们在拍摄时所用的幕板以及在剪辑过程中的影像,在多个平台上进行加工,最终才有了这样一部不论是从图像、材质还是静物都完美营造了三个极具体育竞争氛围体育场的片子。

Barry在拍摄时与导演Augusto de Fraga紧密合作,并在拍摄过程中给予了导演“完全的镜头自由”。De Fraga对此十分满意,他说:“这对我意义重大,因为这样我可以凭着我的导演直觉来拍摄这部片子。我一直在拍摄过程中寻找令人信服的感情表达。对于在和非专业演员合作时,我能自由选择镜头角度非常重要。”

上海麦肯首席创意官兼主席Tomaz Mok肯定了这次与MPC上海的成功合作:“我们对于影片最后所呈现的逼真细节十分满意。这些观众看上去完全就像是真人而非电脑CG做出来的。干得漂亮!”

可口可乐中国的创意主管Richard Cotton也表达了同样的满意:“这次跟MPC的合作十分令人满意。他们的专业程度以及更为重要的,他们的热情帮助我们将这部片子提升到了一个更好的层次。”


  • Agency Mccann Shanghai
  • Production Company Cases Films
  • Director Augusto de Fraga
  • Agency Producer Alison Lin
  • Creative Directors Akshay Kapnadak, Tomaz Mok, Jeremy Guo, Hesky Lu, Kris Yang & Lucky Yu
  • Production Company Producer Paddy Xu
  • Editor Marcos Castiel
  • DoP Sergi Gallardo
  • VFX MPC Shanghai
  • VFX Supervisor Barry Greaves
  • Shoot Supervisors Barry Greaves & Eason Wu
  • VFX Producer Lily Li
  • VFX Coordinators Kitty Kang & Shirley Huang
  • Line Producer (Bangalore) Goutham H
  • VFX Team Iman Javaherypour, Joseph Tsang, Madhuka Gunasekera, Rodrigo de la Parra, RJ Ruan, Qiu Cheng, Su TingTing, Dai Xu, Neo Chu, Andy Steele, Phinnaeus O'Connor, Row Labels, V Jegadeesan, Muruganatham T, Sreenivasa Aditya Yanamalachintala, Manu Gopalakrishnan, Hemanth Anusuri, Bruno Roosewelt, Padma Priya, Shaik Abdul Rahim, Joshi John, Likin Ganpathy CP, Arulanandhan, Alex J., Praveenkumar Samiraj, Srikanth Salla, Ginesh Gandhi, Vamsi Krishna Reddy, M. Vijaya Kumar, Yashvardhan Jain & Silambarasan R P
  • Grade MPC Shanghai
  • Colourist Vincent Taylor

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