Clean Bandit, Tears (feat. Louisa Johnson)

  • Production Company Partizan;
  • Director Jack Patterson;
  • Record Label Warner Atlantic;

Electro-Classical group Clean Bandit team up with X-Factor winner Louisa Johnson for their returning single 'Tears' for their second album.

Directed by the the band's very own Jack Patterson and produced through Partizan, the eagerly awaited video was graded by MPC's Eva Pomposo. The video marks MPC's nineth collaboration with the group.


  • Production Company Partizan
  • Director Jack Patterson
  • Record Label Warner Atlantic
  • Comissioner Dan Curwin
  • Production Company EP Claire Stubbs
  • Production Company Producer Nicole Gray
  • DOP Anya Patarakina
  • Editor Nikki Porter @ Final Cut
  • Assistant Editor Mike Radforth @ Final Cut
  • VFX Supervisor Dirk Riesenfeld
  • VFX Team Ruairi Twohig
  • Colourist Eva Pomposo
  • VFX Producer Edwin Elkington

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