Charlotte Tilbury, Scent Of A Dream

  • Client Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd;
  • Production Company RSA;
  • Director Baillie Walsh;

Kate Moss stars in Charlotte Tilbury’s ‘Scent of A Dream’ directed by RSA’s Baillie Walsh 

To launch Charlotte Tilbury’s first ever fragrance, Kate Moss stars in the stunning 80 second film to the track ‘You’ve Got The Love,’ directed by RSA's Baillie Walsh. 

MPC London created the light effects throughout the film which highlight the aura illuminating from Kate. Along with the transition from Kate and her love interest to a CG perfume bottle, with George K grading the piece. 


  • Client Charlotte Tilbury Beauty Ltd
  • Production Company RSA
  • Director Baillie Walsh
  • Creative Director Charlotte Tilbury
  • Creative Executive Leah Tilbury
  • Art Director Sofia Bermudez
  • Production Company Producer Carla Poole
  • Editor Struan Clay @ Final Cut London
  • Creative Director 2D & Shoot Supervisor Bill McNamara
  • VFX Producer Luke Raffety
  • VFX Supervisor 3D Matteo La Motta
  • VFX Supervisor 2D Petter Lindholm
  • VFX Team Jack Stone, Daniel Benjamin, Fabrizio Ghiso & Giles Hicks
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist George K

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