Channel 4, S**T Hot

  • Agency 4Creative;
  • Production Company 4Creative;
  • Director Alex Boutell;

MPC and 4Creative build up steam for the Winter Paralympics

MPC teamed up with 4Creative and Director Alex Boutell on a powerful new spot to promote Channel 4’s coverage of the 2014 Winter Paralympics.

MPC’s VFX team added smoke and steam to the beautifully shot scenes, and colourist George K completed the grade. 

George said, “The stunning paralympics spot was shot on Alexa under beautiful sunshine and blue skies. We kept everything nice and saturated and added some heavy contrast to bring out the depth in the snow.”



  • Agency 4Creative
  • Production Company 4Creative
  • Director Alex Boutell
  • Creative Director Chris Wood
  • Producer Fiona Wright
  • DoP Bob Pendar-Hughes
  • Editor Nick Armstrong @ Envy
  • VFX Producer Dionne Archibald
  • VFX Supervisor Bruno Fukumothi
  • VFX Team Ryan Hadfield, Oliver Caiden, Bernat Amengual & Leanne Goymer
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist George K

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