Channel 4, Babylon

  • Production Company Nightjack Films;
  • Director Danny Boyle ;
  • Broadcaster Channel 4;

MPC provides VFX and grade for Channel 4’s pilot ‘Babylon,’ directed by Danny Boyle

MPC’s Global Creative Director of Colour Grading Jean-Clément Soret has continued his long-standing relationship with Director Danny Boyle, collaborating on the feature-length pilot episode for new comedy drama ‘Babylon’. A host of top actors will appear in the Channel 4 series, which takes a wry look at the people and politics of London’s police force.

Series producer, Derrin Schlesinger said “Getting to work with the talented, award-winning Jean-Clément, Danny Boyle's long term collaborator, was a no-brainer for us.  However the high quality of on-line, graphics and the resourceful data lab came as a welcome bonus.  Using countless multi formats made this a complex post production process and MPC rose to every new challenge with expertise and good humour."

A number of other VFX disciplines were utilised in the spot, including green screen and clean-up. MPC’s leading Motion Design Studio developed the title sequences and created bespoke on-screen content, which involved generating varied mobile and device interfaces.

Jean-Clément said “The project was quite a complex one: shot on many different devices and cameras, with some images requiring a very distinctive look. It was important to be sure the audience knows which person is filming as the edit often jumps between reality and live footage. Danny’s style is so unique and it really shines through here, examining how the police and public interact in today’s ultra-connected world. Although I’ve worked with Danny on numerous occasions, this was the first time teaming up on TV project. It was a fast turnaround so already knowing each other was a real plus. The DOP, Enrique Chediak and I had also worked together previously on Danny’s features 127 Hours.” 


  • Production Company Nightjack Films
  • Director Danny Boyle
  • Broadcaster Channel 4
  • Executive Producers Robert Jones, Jesse Armstrong & Sam Bain
  • Producer Derrin Schlesinger
  • VFX/Online Editor Cynthia Lee
  • VFX Producer Ellora Chowdhury
  • Line Producer Sharuddin Rosunally
  • Motion Graphics James McIver & Melanie Keyzor
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist Jean-Clément Soret
  • Colour Grade Producer Ellora Chowdhury
  • Colour Assistant Dave Moschini
  • Data Wrangler Peter Lewis
  • Data Manager Kerri Aungle
  • Technical Operations Paula Wilkinson
  • Additional VFX Union VFX

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