British Airways, Jumbo Christmas Giveaway

  • Agency Ogilvy 12th Floor, OgilvyOne;
  • Digital Production MPC Digital;
  • Digital Producer Dan Phillips;

MPC Digital works with OgilvyOne to produce a jumbo digital campaign for British Airways

British Airways launched a ‘Jumbo Christmas Giveaway’ competition that ran for 12 days leading to Christmas, allowing visitors to unwrap a section of a CG A380, the largest commercial airliner ever built. Unwrapping the plane gave users a chance to win from a lucky dip of amazing daily prizes and enter a grand prize draw. MPC collaborated closely with OgilvyOne on the campaign, realising their creative concept for a visually spectacular online experience built around the wrapped A380, and helping to devise a hugely engaging competition with significant social network sharing capability. Bringing to life the idea included designing and building an interactive website, as well as utilising MPC’s 3D capabilities to construct a gift-wrapped CG A380 plane, placed in a photorealistic hangar environment. 

In developing the campaign, MPC’s Digital team ensured the user experience could be replicated across multiple devices, which was a considerable factor when deciding how to handle the high quality assets across platforms. Behind the scenes, an algorithm determined the fair and random selection of the lucky golden ticket winners, regardless of how many thousands of people interacted with the experience daily.

MPC utilized their global pipeline to complete the project, which meant the campaign was being worked on at all times of the day across the globe. 

Andre Assalino, Interactive Creative Director said, “There were a number of challenges and considerations around this campaign, the biggest being the obvious - how do you wrap the largest commercial plane ever built and make it look and feel real? We worked closely with OgilvyOne to make sure their creative vision was executed as imagined, which we achieved by coupling some of our best 3D artists and matte painters with our designers and front-end developers.” 

A huge number of tests were undertaken, from the texture of the wrap to be used, down to its precise thickness and the lighting and shadow variations, which were altered for every angle possible. Assorted ripping techniques were explored, as well as how the user would control their experience to replicate the feel of unwrapping a real gift. MPC’s 3D department created the CG plane working from initial basic 3DS files.

On the development side, great care was put into creating a robust back-end to handle an intense traffic load over the 12 days, whilst being fair and cheat-proof. The campaign was served through British Airways' own CMS, which meant our front-end had to abide to any existing rules and constraints, but still provide the best user experience possible.


  • Agency Ogilvy 12th Floor, OgilvyOne
  • Digital Production MPC Digital
  • Digital Producer Dan Phillips
  • Interactive Creative Director Andre Assalino
  • Creative Director Andy Davis
  • Art Director Matt Williams
  • Copywriter James Sexton
  • Project Manager Jocelyn Deborne
  • Account Director Alicia Iveson
  • Line Producer Russell Forde
  • VFX Team Carlos Flores, Eddy Mendoza, Tim Civil, Michael Diprose, Adam Leary, Piotr Swigut, Anbarasu Elangovan, Eliot Hobdell

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