Bet 365, Welcome

  • Agency Drummond Central;
  • Production Company Mallinson Television Productions;
  • Director Cris Mudge;

MPC and Cris Mudge create a world of sports for Bet 365

Agency Drummond Central have introduced a global campaign for Bet 365, which was directed by Cris Mudge through Mallinson Television Productions and launches a brand refresh for the betting company.

MPC have partnered on an ambitious 50 films to support the campaign, to be selectively released to a global audience over the coming year.

Activating the campaign in the UK is ‘Welcome’ starring actor Ray Winstone striding through a CG built ‘sports world’.  Concepted in-house, the city consists of over 20 purpose built stadiums and 40 skyscrapers, along with football pitches, horse racing tracks, cricket pitches and tennis courts. 

An initial sketch from one of MPC’s concept artists was selected as the basis for the sports world. An extensive pre-vis was developed before a team of 3D artists devised the layout of the city and began to build individual assets.

Having creative freedom over the look of the stadiums and skyscrapers allowed the team to create a city that would work intuitively with the live action celebrities who were composited into the shots.

A number of separate shoots took place, including an elements shoot where the 2D team captured footage of horse races, tennis matches and cricket pitches. A 70-foot crane was employed to capture footage of a football match, used for the birds-eye shots.

Rod Norman led the 2D work across the project. “Ray Winstone was a lovely bloke, nothing like his tough-as-nails on-screen persona. During his green screen shoot we drew up guides for him on the floor, so he knew where to walk and what the size and shapes of the buildings would be around him.” 

The 50 films, although based on the same miniature planet, take place in different parts of the city -  each containing individual layouts and bespoke assets, which demanded a complex planning, design and rendering process.

3D Supervisor Greg McKneally said “One of the biggest challenges for us was the lighting and rendering of the environments. Each stadium contains its own bespoke lighting & volumetric system, which meant that shots of the entire city full of stadiums had billions of polygons and thousands of individual light sources. To manage this, we had to create a method for quickly previewing the enormous scenes using Arnold. Director Cris was closely involved through the VFX process - he had a thorough understanding of the complexity of the job and allowed the artists a good degree of creative input over the development of this detailed world.”

Detailed matte paintings make up the majority of the skyline, while CG and 2D shot elements comprise the bulk of the city. MPC’s Motion Design Studio created the on-screen graphics that appear throughout the films.


  • Agency Drummond Central
  • Production Company Mallinson Television Productions
  • Director Cris Mudge
  • Production Company Producer Ray Allan
  • 3D Supervisors Greg McKneally & Stefan Andersson
  • 2D Supervisor Rod Norman
  • VFX Producer Philip Whalley
  • VFX Line Producer Sandra Eklund
  • VFX Team Christiant D'alberto, Ruairi Twohig, Peter Lames, Edward Taylor, Fabrizio Ghiso, Toya Drechsler, Ryan Hadfield, Marcus Moffatt, Cynthia Lee, James McIver, Rajkumar Chidambaram & Sundaramoorthy S, Adam Leary, Fabio Santoro, Jonas De Ro, Jama Djurabaev, Martin Blunden, Luca Maccarelli, Thomas Carrick, Michael Diprose, Daniel Rodrigues das Neves, Kiril Mirkov, Niovi Phinopoulou, Tim Civil, Ajai Verghese John, Bibin Balan P, Minju TS, Pritesh Krishnappa Kotian, Priya Nandakumar Bandodkar & Raju Ganesh S
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourists George K & Richard Fearon

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