Ballantine's, Stay True

  • Agency M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment;
  • Production Company Cap Gun Collective ;
  • Director Brody Baker;

MPC Creative collaborates with M&C Saatchi for Ballantine's 'Stay True' campaign featuring NERVO

Forming part of a promotional film created for Ballantine’s Whisky ‘Stay True’ series featuring global DJ superstars NERVO, MPC Creative made a unique abstract visualisation based directly on the duo’s expansive fanbase. ‘Stay True’, the brand’s global positioning since 2013, celebrates men and women that stay true and leave an impression on everything they do and everyone they meet. The Digital & Interactive team at MPC Creative worked with M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment and Cap Gun Collective to bring the entire NERVO fan community together in one space by creating a stunning generative visual that reacts in real-time to their latest single ‘It Feels’.

NERVO are twin Australian DJs, musicians and songwriters, who have worked with Kylie Minogue, Britney Spears and Kesha and were the brains behind Grammy award-winning single ‘When Love Takes Over’ sung by David Guetta and Kelly Rowland. As part of their ‘Stay True’ story, the duo used their huge global social media network to invite fans from all over the world to send in material to form the generative artwork that was realised at their one-off gig in Madrid, NERVO’s FAN-TASIA.

MPC Creative’s digital team used generative data visualisation and a bespoke framework to create the stunning landscape imagery. MPC Creative Interactive Creative Director Andre Assalino explains, “We decided to focus on a literal interpretation of the NERVO fan gathering, generating an abstract planetary landscape from the images of fans sent in through social media during the event.

The projection reacted in real-time to the music being played, and started as a top-down visualisation of a stylised world map, marking all the geographic points where the fan pictures had originated. It then segued into a POV landscape with seemingly abstract mountains and valleys, which were generated by the music playing live. Pulling out into an aerial view of the landscape, revealed the fan images themselves as the textures and colours of planet NERVO.”

The visualisation was populated by sound and photos, but controlled via an iPad app which allowed the shoot team to change the parameters of the visualisation in real-time. Options including tilt, speed and number of tiles on display meant that what was being viewed as the backdrop to the video piece could be optimised to suit the imagery coming in live through social media.

Fans at the event or at home around the globe could load a bespoke website on their phone’s browser, and with one click take and upload a picture. The visualisation was reactive so that in about one second, the image being received became part of the generative landscape.

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  • Agency M&C Saatchi Sport & Entertainment
  • Production Company Cap Gun Collective
  • Director Brody Baker
  • Project Director Dave Roberts
  • Content Producer Harvey Eaton
  • Executive Producer Ollie Allgrove
  • Producer Alan Traquair
  • Editing Stephen Dunne @ Whitehouse Post
  • VFX MPC Creative
  • Interactive Creative Director Andre Assalino
  • VFX Producer Dan Phillips
  • Creative Technologist Dan Lewis

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