Asics, Quantum

  • Agency 180 Amsterdam;
  • Production Company MPC Creative;
  • Director John Sunter;

ASICS Gel Quantum 360 ‘Born of Gel’

The new GEL-QUANTUM 360 CM campaign for ASICS is created by 180 Amsterdam and MPC Creative, with grade by Richard Fearon.

A product of ASICS's world famous Institute of Sport Science, the GEL-QUANTUM 360 CM is the latest version of the revered QUANTUM shoe. The new high performance shoe provides athletes with 360 degrees of ASICS’ award-winning GEL Cushioning, giving them superior shock attenuation and durability.

The work was directed by John Sunter through MPC Creative. The content piece is an elegantly designed concept film, using world class CG and VFX, to graphically portray the shoe’s conception and birth, heralding the creation of the product. Sharp, photo-real detail shows how the product germinates organically to form the unique structure and technological components of the shoe.


  • Agency 180 Amsterdam
  • Production Company MPC Creative
  • Director John Sunter
  • Executive Creative Director Dave Canning & Dan Treichel
  • Creative Directors Martin Terhart & Adam Noel
  • Producer Mike Winek
  • Production Company Executive Producer Sophie Gunn
  • Creative DIrector 3D Diarmid Harrison-Murray
  • 2D Lead Toya Drechsler
  • VFX Producer Jakub Chilczuk
  • VFX Team Tushar Kewlani, Radu Ciubotariu, Olivier Sicot, Ben Thomas, Alessandro Costa, Leanne Goymer, Thomas Phillips-Howard & Akshay Sunil Wadwalkar Sumesh Chammancheri
  • Line Producer (Bangalore) Deepanjali Singh
  • Grade MPC
  • Colourist Richard Fearon

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