Arctic Monkeys, Arabella

  • Production Company Cherry Films;
  • Director Jake Nava;
  • Producer Ben Cooper;

MPC and Jake Nava create a sultry promo for the Arctic Monkeys latest release

MPC worked closely with Jake to create bespoke filmic effects throughout the promo. VFX Supervisor Hugo Saunders said, “Jake had a very clear vision for this film. We added some burn out effects, stitched together a few of the frames in various ways and altered Jake’s retro-styled footage with a number of other techniques. The overall effect is a very stylish, intriguing film that perfectly represents the band.”


  • Production Company Cherry Films
  • Director Jake Nava
  • Producer Ben Cooper
  • Editor Julia Knight
  • VFX Producer Dionne Archibald
  • VFX Supervisor Hugo Saunders
  • Grade MPC

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