Anchor, Glorious Nothing Days

  • Agency CHI;
  • Production Company Somesuch & Co;
  • Director Kim Gehrig;

MPC and CHI celebrate the glorious nothing days for Anchor

Somesuch & Co’s Kim Gehrig directed the delightful campaign, comprising one 60” hero film and a 30" cutdown. Praising those wonderful days when there’s nothing better to do than enjoy a bit of cheese on toast, the spot employs a variety of complex filming techniques. MPC completed the subtle VFX, working closely with Kim to determine the best way to execute her vision.

VFX Supervisor Michael Gregory said, “Kim decided early on that she wanted to cut from real time to long exposure.  This required shooting on a stereo rig, using two cameras with the same lenses shooting different frame rates. The final spot is a lovely homage to lazy days at home- definitely an appealing option for the weekend.”

Following the shoot, the cuts between the two cameras needed to be stitched together. The VFX team had a challenge in the form of the colour and pixel disparities between the two plates. Essentially this required a great deal of colour matching; creating a master clean plate and compositing the action back on top.


  • Agency CHI
  • Production Company Somesuch & Co
  • Director Kim Gehrig
  • Agency Producer Nicola Ridley
  • Creatives Matt Searle & Sarah Levitt
  • DoP David Procter
  • Production Company Producer Lee Groombridge
  • Editor Tom Lindsay @ Trim
  • VFX Producer Ian Luxford
  • VFX Supervisor Michael Gregory
  • Grade MPC

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