Previsualization reel

Executive Producer Julian Levi and Previs Supervisor Duane Floch offer pre-production services, including previsualization and visual development, to the film industry from MPC’s Santa Monica office.  

The facility features an MPAA approved previs artist workspace and a screening room with 3D stereo, HD, and 2k projection, offering 2k synced reviews, TVIPS video feed, and polycom video conferencing.  

MPC Film creates previs and postvis from its office in Los Angeles and travels its talent and “previs in a box” technology to locations around the world.  

The work we produce withstands the demands of any vfx vendor’s production pipeline. When MPC is both the previs and finals vendor, the collaboration between previs, layout, animation and visual effects is seamless.

Our work
Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters
Dawn of the Planet of the Apes
Man of Steel 2
Terminator Genisys
Night at the Museum 3
Monster Trucks
The Finest Hours
Jungle Book

Our global family of studios are all permanently connected and networked through an integrated production pipeline, allowing our team of artists and technologists to work closely together on shared projects whether they are in the same building or working remotely from separate locations.