Press Coverage for ‘Transforming’

In 2013 many years of hard work and technical innovation came to fruition with ‘Transforming,’ a contemporary art exhibition held at London’s Fine Art Society. The project was the result of a creative collaboration between British artist duo Rob & Nick Carter and MPC and culminated in an exhibition held over a month in October. Comprising six groundbreaking artworks, including four ‘digital paintings’ that come to life before the viewer’s eyes and two sculptures created via a complex 3D modeling and printing process, the pieces garnered international acclaim.

 The exhibition appeared on BBC News as part of a wider story on emerging digital art. The story became the number one most viewed video on the online BBC News homepage for the day, reaching an immense global audience. 

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The exhibition was the top story on Its Nice That, with editor Rob writing, “Working with visual effects experts MPC, Rob and Nick have taken four 16th and 17th Century paintings and turned them into staggeringly impressive living pieces; so flowers wilt, maggots ooze out of a dead frog and the reclining nude stirs in her sleep.”

Creativity described the pieces as ‘breathtaking’ and selected the story as Pick of the Day on their homepage.

Design Boom focused a story on one of the 3D sculptures, a stunning bronze replica of Vincent van Gogh’s sunflowers. They write, “Husband and wife artists rob and nick carter have 3D printed a sculptural replica of Vincent van Gogh’s renowned sunflowers, pushing the boundaries of the technological medium by translating a two-dimensional painting into a tangible form. The structure was realized through a collaboration with MPC, an international visual experience and effects studio, who generated a digital adaptation of a flat artwork, rendered in 360° perspective.”

Creative Review featured the earliest collaborative piece ‘Transforming Still Life Painting’ within their print edition, then ran an online story following the launch of the exhibition. They write, “It's a fascinating project and one that has taken more than three years to complete. Using MPC's most advanced technology, Rob and Nick have taken the simple idea of 'bringing a painting to life' and created a show that could transform the way artists and VFX teams work together."

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