MPC launches integrated creative hub in Shanghai

MPC Advertising is delighted to announce the launch of MPC Shanghai, providing the full spectrum of MPC's creative VFX services to the Chinese and Asian markets. Previously a division of Technicolor-SFG, the newly launched advertising studio provides VFX, motion design and colour grading services, as well as innovative digital and experiential production.

Graham Fink, Chief Creative Officer, Ogilvy & Mather, Greater China said of the move; "When I was in London I worked regularly with MPC. Their artists produce some of the world’s best effects for commercials and feature films. I am very excited to see they are coming in force to Shanghai."

Fred Raillard of Fred & Farid said, “It’s great news that MPC now have a Shanghai base . We’re excited about the possibility of working with them across all kinds of projects, from VFX to immersive experiences.”

MPC works with leading agencies, directors and brands globally to create high-profile and award-winning advertising campaigns for clients including Nike, Coca- Cola, Sony, Lexus, Visa and Samsung. MPC Shanghai is equipped with the very latest in creative and visual digital technology, and is run by top local and international talent.

Steven Marolho, MPC Shanghai GM said, “China is fast becoming one of the world’s hot beds for creativity. Advertising is becoming ever more sophisticated and innovative, and there are an increasing number of global and regional campaigns originating from China. We look forward to creating some spectacular work, whether that is on TV, in the digital interactive arena, or beyond.” 

Recent additions to the creative team include leading international artists Erwan Leroy and Vincent Taylor, along with prominent producer Lily Li. Erwan is an outstanding and hugely talented VFX artist with a career spanning top creative studios in Paris, Canada and London. His extensive film work includes both the Sin City and The Fast and Furious franchises, along with substantial commercials work for a host of brands including Coca-Cola, Diesel and L’Oreal.

Formerly a senior colourist at The Lab in Sydney and Digital Pictures Melbourne, Vincent joins MPC Shanghai’s roster as senior colourist. In addition to his work with top international agencies, Vincent also brings experience as an award winning cinematographer and director, with several accolades from the Australian Cinematographers Society. 

Lily Li is MPC Shanghai’s Head of Production and has extensive experience spanning pre-production, shoot coordination and post-production. Following 10 years in production Lily ran Smoke&Mirrors Shanghai for two years, prior tojoining Technicolor-SFG in 2012.

MPC Shanghai is permanently networked through Technicolor’s extensive and secure production network, allowing teams of artists and technologists to work closely together on shared projects whether they are in the same building or from separate worldwide MPC locations. 

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Steven Marolho - General Manager

Lily Li - Head of Production 

MPC 广告很荣幸地宣布 MPC 上海现已成立。为中国和亚洲市场提供全方 位的 MPC 创意视觉特效(VFX)服务。新的工作室继承了上影特艺( Technicolor-SFG)的广告业务并发展壮大,成立为 MPC 上海工作室。这一焕 然新生的广告工作室将提供视觉特效(VFX)、动画设计、调色以及创新数码和 体验式制作。

奥美集团(Ogilvy&Mather)中国首席创意官,樊克明(Graham Fink) 说:“当我在伦敦工作的时候,我经常与 MPC 伦敦合作。他们的艺术家们为许 多广告和电影创造了全球最棒的视觉效果。我很高兴他们现在来到了上海。”

佛海佛瑞(Fred & Farid)的弗莱德·雷拉德(Fred Raillard)说: “MPC 现在成立了上海办公室真是个好消息。我们很期待与他们开展从视 觉特效到沉浸式体验项目等全方位的合作。”

MPC 视觉特效(VFX)工作室与全球知名广告代理公司、导演和品牌都有 良好合作。为耐克(Nike)、可口可乐(Coca-Cola)、索尼(Sony)、雷克萨 斯(Lexus)、维萨卡(Visa)和三星(Samsung)等客户制作的广告荣膺国际 广告大奖。MPC 上海工作室拥有最新的创意和视觉数码技术,吸引了众多顶尖 的本土及国际人才的倾情加盟。

MPC 上海总经理马龙(Steven Marolho)说:“中国正迅速成为全球最热门的 创意圣地。广告也变得更为成熟、创新。有越来越多优秀的全球以及本土广告来 自中国。无论是在电视、数码、互动或是其它领域,我们都期盼能创造更多精彩 纷呈的作品”。 

除了团队里的优秀制片厉莉(Lily Li),知名艺术家欧文·勒罗伊(Erwan Leroy)、文森特·泰勒(Vincent Taylor)近期也加入了创意团队。欧文 (Erwan)是一位才华横溢的视觉特效(VFX)艺术家,曾服务于巴黎、加拿 大、伦敦的顶级创意后期工作室。他的电影作品包括《罪恶之城》(Sin City) 和《速度与激情》系列(The Fast and Furious),他还为可口可乐(Coca-Cola)、迪赛(Diesel)、欧莱雅(L’Oreal)等品牌制作了许多精彩的广告作 品。

文森特(Vincent)之前是悉尼 The Lab 和墨尔本 Digital Pictures Melbourne 的资深调色师。加入 MPC 上海后他也将担任资深调色师一职。除了 与世界顶级的广告公司合作,文森特(Vincent)也是位得奖电影摄影师和导 演,获得过澳大利亚电影摄影师协会(Australian Cinematographers Society) 的多项嘉奖。

厉莉(Lily Li)是 MPC 上海的制作主管,在前期制作、拍摄协调、后期制 作领域拥有十多年的丰富经验。在管理后期公司上海幻影镜界 (Smoke&Mirrors)2 年后,厉莉(Lily Li)于 2012 年加入了上影特艺 (Technicolor-SFG)。

身为全球大家庭的一员,MPC 上海与全球其它工作室紧密联系。MPC 的艺 术家和技术专家们,无论他们是身处一地或者工作于不同国家的 MPC 工作室, 他们都可以密切合作、协力完成共同的项目。 

Our global family of studios are all permanently connected and networked through an integrated production pipeline, allowing our team of artists and technologists to work closely together on shared projects whether they are in the same building or working remotely from separate locations.