D&AD New Blood Academy gets ‘Fizzical’ with a Digital & Interactive workshop

After the success of last year’s character workshop, we were delighted to welcome back D&AD New Blood, and a fresh bunch of 50 of the industry’s top new talents, to be involved in our Digital and Interactive evening.

In an introduction lead by MPC Creative’s Dan Phillips and Andre Assalino, this year the students were acquainted with possibilities in new technology, including those driving Virtual Reality and Experiential installations. Students were then given their brief: develop a digital and interactive experience for the launch of Fizzical, a naturally sourced energy drink, whose mascot is an animated 3D banana.

Students were encouraged to take into consideration where the event would be held, the technologies to be utilised, how it would allow audience interaction, long-term engagement, and furthermore its viral potential.

The students quickly split off into their seven groups and eagerly began an hour of planning and sketching. It was then time to present their ideas to a panel, which included MPC VFX Producer Sam Napper, MPC Creative Senior Producer Johnny Blick, and MPC 3D VFX Executive Producer Jonathan Davies.

After some time deliberating the panel were reduced to a vote which singled out one team in particular whose idea and execution personified the brief.

Team ‘Purple’ claimed victory with ‘Banana Sprint’. A competitive campaign focused on VR technology translated into a mass participation live event, which encouraged participants to take part in an obstacle stricken challenge, on board an oversized treadmill in Trafalgar Square. A fantastically creative night came to a close with the presentation of trophies for the winning team.

The D&AD New Blood awards are the pinnacles of creative distinction for students. Their Graduate Academy for the winners and a few wildcards supports the best creative talent and links participants with leading creative companies to inspire them as well as broaden their knowledge with live industry experience.

Thank you to all of those who took part in the workshop, both your creative talent and peerless enthusiasm and energy was inspiring.

Read more about the academy here: D&AD.org

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