Beyond Rubik's Cube at Liberty Science Center

  • Creative Director David Estis;
  • Executive Producer Tim Dillon;
  • Producer Adele Major;

MPC NY creates interactive entryway for the Beyond Rubik’s Cube exhibition at Liberty Science Center

Visitors will begin their journey through an immersive interactive entryway created by MPC NY. The April 26, 2014 premiere of Beyond Rubik's Cube at Liberty Science Center marks the 40th anniversary of the world's best-selling puzzle toy. With highly interactive physical and digital challenges, Beyond Rubik’s Cube invites visitors to consider how the Cube emerged from a workshop in Communist-era Hungary to become a worldwide phenomenon, fostering creativity across the fields of science, technology, engineering, robotics, the visual arts, music, film, architecture, and mathematics.

The $5 million exhibition was designed by LSC with lead creative partner Google, and the Cube’s Budapest inventor Ernő Rubik, and will embark upon a worldwide tour after a nine-month stay at LSC. 

For more info, check out the Beyond Rubik's Cube Google+ page here and Liberty Science Center page here.

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  • Creative Director David Estis
  • Executive Producer Tim Dillon
  • Producer Adele Major
  • Lead Developer Eric Renaud-Houde
  • Developer Jeff Crouse
  • Art Directors Emmett Dzieza, Jorge Peschiera
  • Sound Design Sami Jano

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