Life at MPC

MPC is global; we work from amazing locations in London, Vancouver, Los Angeles, New York, Montreal, Amsterdam, Shanghai and Bangalore. Our worldwide family has come together from across the globe to give our shared culture diversity and vitality, and ensure that our talented team can draw on all kinds of artistic inspirations, technical backgrounds, collaborative creativity, and fascinating personalities of every type.

While we take the work that we produce and our global reputation of excellence seriously at MPC, we know that this comes about primarily from unleashing the talent that we have at our disposal. This means creating working environments that lead on technological advancement with spaces that generate enthusiasm, enjoyment, collaboration and inspiration. It means we take an approach that is focused on fun and creativity matched with precision, care and exemplary final results for our clients and partners.

It also means that we encourage our teams to make the most of the incredible locations they are based in, and the incredible people that they work alongside. This may mean getting you involved in any one of our many social and sporting programmes, from the Bangalore office’s cricket team to snowboarding excursions in Vancouver, and from life-drawing classes in London to simply indulging in some celebrity spotting in Santa Monica. That is even before we begin on the in-job training opportunities and wax lyrical about the general attractions of the cities we work in, offering some of the best in work-life balance and something for every type of culture vulture, foodie, outdoors enthusiast, night owl or quiet contemplator.

Our talent comes from around the world with a wide range of personalities and backgrounds. Some of our people are outgoing, others much quieter, many somewhere in the middle. What is common is a creative spark and a dedication to producing world-leading outputs.

At MPC you'll be a part of a genuinely creative environment that thrives on collaboration and co-creation. We want you to thrive on being part of the process, to feel free to contribute ideas and take risks, to give and take constructive feedback openly and positively.  We believe that everyone’s opinion, inspirations, personalities, skills and backgrounds interweave to create some of the best VFX teams in the world.

At the end of each month MPC Film teams get together to watch our Editorial Departments’ handpicked compilation of the best work from MPC's studios around the world.

MPC is the sum of the parts: creative people working with a range of creative partners to produce a range of creative solutions, harnessed through a dedication to collaboration. It all comes together in our enthusiastic and talented people, working as one team from diverse locations every day to be a part of creating some of the best and most inspirational work in the industry.

MPC London is based in Wardour Street, at the very centre of Soho, the spiritual and in many cases still literal home of the movie and advertising industries in the UK.

Within a leisurely ten minute stroll of our Wardour Street offices you will find enough to satisfy any taste or interest, from the mass shopping meccas of Oxford, Regent and Carnaby streets, to the more refined surroundings of the famed Liberty department store. From the movie premieres and multiplexes of Leicester Square, to the arthouse cinemas of Soho itself. From the sidewalk attractions of Covent Garden, to the world-beating artistic serenity of the National Gallery. Enough to fill any number of lunchtimes, and that is before we even begin to talk about London’s food offerings, and the diversity of cultures that make it a truly global capital. London is big, multi-faceted, fascinating, and as lively or calming as you choose it to be, with enough enormous parklands to get lost in for days, and pavements to wander on to last a lifetime.

MPC LA is located in the heart of Santa Monica, minutes from the stunning expanses of the Pacific Ocean and the world famous ocean-side boardwalk as well as the incredible views of the Santa Monica mountains and Malibu coastline stretching into the distance. Housed within a stunning environment designed by award-winning LA architect Patrick Tighe, the space was created to be flexible, adaptable and environmentally friendly, while providing inspiration to the teams who work there.

Santa Monica’s reputation as the home of the Surfing lifestyle is reflected in its generally relaxed atmosphere, with the beach as the hub of day to day life here, but it is also the base for a number of serious players in the media and entertainment industry making it an ideal location for our award-winning output to come from. With numerous award-winning restaurants, a burgeoning art scene, excellent shopping, and the alternative Venice Beach on its door step plus easy access to the other delights of the sprawling wonder that is Los Angeles, LA is truly a fantastic place to live and work.

MPC Vancouver is located in the sociable Yaletown district of the world’s most liveable city (as ranked by the Economist Intelligence Unit in 2009 and 2010).

Vancouver is blessed with a perfect mix of breath-taking natural beauty and metropolitan sophistication, with winters that seldom get too cold and long hot summers tempered by cooling ocean breezes. The great outdoor activities that the city offers are truly spectacular, and it is probably the only city in the world that lets you snowboard or hike in the mountains in the morning, and swim and surf in the ocean the same afternoon. With abundant parkland and some of the most awesome natural wonders within easy weekend distance, from Vancouver Island to the Canadian Rockies, it is no wonder that Vancouver people are amongst the healthiest in the world.

MPC Vancouver is situated in a new state of the art 38,000 sq ft facility.  The building is a heritage brick and timber construction situated in the heart of Downtown Vancouver, surrounded by some of the city’s best restaurants and bars. 

MPC NY is located in the heart of SoHo, right at the core of the Big Apple and the heart and soul of New York, the city so great they named it twice. The area is as familiar to those who don’t live there as it is to those that do, such is its frequency as a movie location and fashion shoot backdrop.

Shopping in SoHo is like shopping nowhere else in the world with everything from art galleries to high-end boutiques and the options for foodies, culture vultures or night owls are endless, before you even spread your wings to explore the rest of Manhattan, and the rest of The Five Boroughs. From hipster-ville Brooklyn, to hip-hop’s birthplace in Queens’ Bronx district, and everything in between. 

MPC Bangalore is based in a bespoke modern studio in the ITPL Business Park, Whitefield Bangalore, a dedicated business park for technology businesses, and the very epitome of Bangalore’s growing reputation as a hi-tech centre for innovation and ideas.

Bangalore is India’s fastest growing city, dubbed the sub-continent’s ‘Silicon Valley’ because of its concentration of creative studios and commitment to leading-edge and entrepreneurial thinking. Much more than that, however, life in Bangalore takes full advantage of the most moderate climate in India, a truly cosmopolitan city with the great music, theatre, food, festivals, cinemas and shopping multiplexes you would expect from a thriving modern metropolis.

Our global family of studios are all permanently connected and networked through an integrated production pipeline, allowing our team of artists and technologists to work closely together on shared projects whether they are in the same building or working remotely from separate locations.