How Do I Apply?

First Step 2016

How to Apply
There are a limited number of places so submit your most up to date show-reel and resume via our website. The best-judged applications will be invited to interview.

What are MPC be looking for?
We are particularly interested in applications for the following departments:




Digital Matte Painting / Environment Artist






Technical Animation



Software Development

Am I able to apply for multiple departments?

No. Please focus on one particular department for your application

Do I need to be familiar with any software?

You will need to be familiar with Maya and/or Nuke.

How do I qualify?

Entrants must be from the EU (no VISAs) and due to graduate in either summer of 2017 or 2018

What do I do now?
The closing date is midnight on 31st March 2016 - successful applicants will be contacted by the end of May 2016.

All applications must be submitted online and need to provide a show-reel breakdown that tells us how the work was created. Which software you used and what you feel you learnt from each piece of work.

Top 5 Showreel Tips

1. Keep it short (around 2 minutes long)
2. Keep it specific (If you want to animate we only need to see animation.)
3. Keep the presentation simple (we are reviewing your work not web designing skills.)
4. Keep it clear (identify your own work if you have worked on a group project.)
5. Keep it relevant (we are a VFX studio - graphic design skills alone won't cut it.)

Click here to apply

Please read the application criteria and DO NOT apply if you require a VISA to work in the UK.

Our global family of studios are all permanently connected and networked through an integrated production pipeline, allowing our team of artists and technologists to work closely together on shared projects whether they are in the same building or working remotely from separate locations.