Our VFX team is widely acknowledged as among the very best in the business, and the outstanding quality of our imagery has been recognized many times over by the world’s leading award festivals.

MPC awards.

Our client projects benefit from our vast amount of know-how and breadth of experience; including an extensive record of work on industry-leading blockbuster movies (such as the VFX Oscar winning Life of Pi); 25 years of commercial VFX knowledge; and the proactive in-house development of innovative technologies available to all of our clients. Increasingly we collaborate during the early stages of pre-production to advise and provide R&D, constantly pushing the creative potential of our clients’ work.

Our broad range of skill-sets provide a multitude of creative solutions, including concept design, treatment consultation, pre-viz, shoot supervision, 2D compositing, 3D/CG effects, animation and any combination of these services.

Our huge portfolio of VFX work including character design, environments, crowds and elements (and more) can be seen in the industry’s leading advertising campaigns.  Presented here are just a few of our bespoke reels:

CG Reel
Creature Reel
Advertising Reel

We are creative collaborators and feed off like-minded creativity, externally and from within. We never stop sharing new ideas and we push creative and technical boundaries every day.

We have a large number of in-house proprietary tools that are second to none, such as ‘Furtility’ our fur software originally created and used on films like Narnia and the X-Men franchise.

We select the most suitable and experienced talent from around the world to work on our projects. Our global studios are all permanently connected and networked through a production pipeline, allowing our team of artists to work closely together from separate locations.

Our global family of studios are all permanently connected and networked through an integrated production pipeline, allowing our team of artists and technologists to work closely together on shared projects whether they are in the same building or working remotely from separate locations.