MPC Data Lab

MPC Data Lab provides support for all data-acquisition projects, and offers assistance and production management across all stages of your digital pipeline. Building on the strengths of our non-linear digital workflow and data management services, the state of the art facility also offers workflow consultancy, digital dailies, rushes for editors, and a full range of digital transcoding for commercials, feature films and broadcast.

We aim to provide an easy and trouble-free data workflow that works in the same way a film lab works – you bring in your rushes, they are processed overnight and delivered to your editor in the morning. Simple. We have the knowledge to ensure that your rushes retain all the necessary metadata for a trouble free conform, the technical expertise to produce the best image quality possible, and the infrastructure to ensure that everything is delivered on time. With cameras acquiring higher and higher resolutions, MPC Data Lab keeps abreast of cutting edge technology to enable clients to work at 4K and beyond.

The purpose-built Data Lab builds on our experience with tapeless workflows. Our team have already worked on numerous commercials for well known brands including Chanel, Samsung, Burberry, BP, Coca Cola, Fosters, Anchor and H&M, and for directors including Dougal Wilson, Frank Budgen, Brett Foraker and Jonathan Glazer. Feature film experience includes Slumdog Millionaire, Sherlock Holmes 2, Clash of the Titans, The Lone Ranger, World War Z.

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MPC Data Lab services include:

• Transcodes from all RAW camera formats to all offline digital formats
• Transcodes direct to AVID media and projects
• Playouts from RAW to all video formats
• One light and best light grading from digital formats
• Transcodes from RAW camera formats for online dailies review via MPCTV
• Secure backups to LTO4 tape
• High resolution transcodes from RAW to DI data formats
• EDL and file structure management for easy conforms
• Workflow and shoot consultancy

Due to the fact that data processing runs on computers, many people are tempted to think that good data processing can happen anywhere you can plug in a laptop. However, there are many reasons why a Data Lab is by far the best place for this processing to happen:

• Speed: the infrastructure and parallel processing power of a dedicated Data Lab means that data conversion can happen many times faster than on a single machine.

• Quality: properly calibrated broadcast quality monitors and a suitable viewing environment mean that dailies, or online-resolution output, can be properly quality controlled.

• Consistency: people know what to expect from the service. Editors know they will get their dailies in the format that works immediately on their system and they won’t have to waste time working out how to ingest their data; Directors of Photography know that their work will be shown in the best light, and they can build up a relationship with the lab in the same way as they do with a film lab.

• Safety: proper procedures and systems architecture mean that rushes will be secure and properly backed up.

• Expertise: our personnel are trained in all aspects of digital imaging technology and colour science, from capture to editorial to delivery. The lab is fully integrated with MPC’s award-winning grading department for a complete workflow solution.

Our global family of studios are all permanently connected and networked through an integrated production pipeline, allowing our team of artists and technologists to work closely together on shared projects whether they are in the same building or working remotely from separate locations.