‘Eefer’ wins at Promax 2014

Eefer’ the E4 channel ident has been awarded in Best Channel Identity at the Promax UK 2014 awards.

The brand refresh was created by 4Creative, who collaborated with the MPC Motion Design Studio to develop ‘Eefer’ the lovable E4 robot.

MPC’s team, led by Rupert Creswell, started with a series of concept sketches for the character, before bringing him to life in CG using in-house motion capture to create a series of idents with director Neil Gorringe.

Congratulations to 4Creative for the win and their haul which included awards in Best Sports Promo and Best Use of Editing for 'Grand National 2' and in Best Promotion for a Website or Interactive Service for ‘Short Shorts.’

See all the winners details here

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